The video has been viewed over a million times – Remi’s dad surprising her as he walks into the school cafeteria, finally home after four tours with the Marines. Everyone assumes he’s no longer in danger, but the war is only beginning. 

For the last eight years, seventeen-year-old Remi Howell has lived with her grandparents in Hayward, Wisconsin while her dad fought in Afghanistan. When he returns home a local hero, Remi moves back in with him and they begin to pick up the pieces of their lives that have been scattered by the war. Everything changes when Remi discovers him in the boathouse, noose around his neck, only alive because of a rotten beam. The war not only followed him home, it’s raging inside of him.

Remi’s dad is depending on her now, their roles have reversed, and she wonders if it’s even possible to have a normal life again as the daughter of a suicide survivor. When she meets Bruin Matthews, a handsome lumberjack in town for the summer, her life is further complicated. Being with Bruin is the escape she so desperately needs; yet the fear of another suicide attempt is always present. But as much as she needs to stay home and care for her dad, her heart is being pulled towards Bruin. Remi must decide between her past and her future, and if she doesn’t balance it all perfectly, she could end up losing them both.